Dell t3500 add hard drive

Dell support is unable to give any information either in the manual or on the phone about this. I have installed a great many HDD over the years but this one has me stumped.

Since Dell won't help maybe there's another Dell owner who knows the trick? Go to Solution. It's pretty easy to do:. View solution in original post.

Руководство по системе для рабочей станции Dell Precision T3500

Hi, Your case is slightly bigger than mine, and I can only get 2 Hard drives in mine. Though, it does look that you can only get 2 H D in. One 3. Here is your answer: "Up to four 3. If my answer Was helpful?

dell t3500 add hard drive

Please let me know by clicking on the ' Did this answer your question' and clicking on the Yes button. I have the exact same question for a Precision T, which appears to have the same case as the T My T has 2 internal hard drives and 2 internal optical drives.

There are 5 SATA connectors on the motherboard, and the online manual states that a third and fourth hard drive can be installed in the 3. It doesn't say. You can order these workstations with 2 optical drives and 3 hard drives installed.

I can't find any adapter kit for installing a 3rd hard drive in the flex bay. I've emailed Dell Tech Support about this, but haven't heard anything back yet. If I need to buy some kind of adapter, fine. I am tempted to buy a Precision T configured with 3 hard drives and 2 optical drives just so I can see how they do it, and then returning the computer I hope these pictures help, I ordered this t with 1 hard drive and 1 dvd drive and a multimedia drive.

As you can see I was able to install 3 more hard drives. Thank you for posting the pictures. A couple of questions: Where did you get the bracket shown in photo6. JPG 2nd photo that was used to mount the 3. JPG last photo?

dell t3500 add hard drive

In photo2. JPG next to last photothere is some kind of plastic doohickey in the bay below your multimedia "drive" and above the USB ports. In the photo you can see the orange SATA cable behind it. I'm assuming that you removed this thing it just slides out, what's it for? Did you just use screws in the side of the HD to mount the drive in that bay or do you have some other mounting hardware?

Thanks again; you've been extremely helpful. It's still not clear to me why Dell doesn't make this information readily available. It is not terribly unusual for people to have more than one optical drive and more than two hard drives in their computers these days.Seagate's support said the only thing it could be is that my Rapid Storage Chipset driver needs to be updated.

This is a little out of my depth. I have tried searching for an updated driver through Device Manager, but it says that my driver is up to date, though the date on it is I downloaded these files:. Go to Solution.

This is what western Digital uses to address these issues. The Rocket HBA is one solution. As the drivers and chipsets get newer the older ICH5 6 7 8 9 etc are dropped from support. What happens if I try to use an older version of the driver? This driver is not validated with your XPS and may not work at all.

There will be ZERO support for this if its not working. Do so at your own RISK. Installing a version Higher than the supported chipset does the same thing. All Raid Data lost restart from zero. Like other kinds of software, the Intel RST drivers are updated to keep pace with new technology. The Intel drivers found in retail releases of Windows 7 have a 2. Rather than cut off the capacity at 2. In other words, the driver causes the Windows operating to see a 3TB drive as With 32 bit OS Both the partition length and partition start address are stored as bit quantities.

The maximum partition and disk size is a function of the operating system version. Windows XP and the original release of Windows Server have a limit of 2TB per physical disk, including all partitions. Windows file systems currently are limited to terabytes each.

I too am a user. View solution in original post. Browse Community. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for.Not sure where to post-sorry in advance. I have a t workstation with a build date of model dcta and reg type of Currently i have 2 gb drives in raid0 and 2 gb drives in raid0.

I would like to remove the 2 gb drives and replace them with 2 8tb drives. Is this possible, is there anything limiting me from doing this? Thank you for your help. I Googled max storage capacity for the Precision T and its Dell brochure was referenced. Copied below. Chassis supports up to four internal SATA drives 8. This forum is mainly user to user with occasional moderation or additional knowledge by a Rockstar or Dell employee.

Thank you so much for the reply. Just to clarify, is the 8. You're welcome. It's a good thing you asked. The 's above are totals. Whether 2 or 4 HDDs are used, the max capacity is 8TB without any of the drives having a data burst cache. I'm inserting a screengrab. If it doesn't show, ironically, sign out, review this thread, and it should show. You'll probably have to expand the screen tiny print.

Screengrab from Dell T brochure. Here's a link to the spec. Browse Community.

dell t3500 add hard drive

Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for.

Search instead for. Did you mean:. Spawn 1 Copper. T upgrading hard drives. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Re: T upgrading hard drives. You posted in the right place. Outside of editing, I couldn't get the screengrab to show; nor delete. Sheet - Please kudos posts you like! Dell Support Resources. Related Topics. Sign up to ask a question now.So, I really appreciate if someone could help us in that case, giving us the proper information about the right part necessary and if it is necessary 1 or 2 parts.

Also, tried to find a step by step of how to install new HDs, but I couldn't. If someone knows how, please let me know. But the documentation you showed doesn't have anything about adding a 3rd and 4th HD to the machine. So my doubt persist. How do we add 2 new HDs to Precision T and which extra part should we buy, because the documentation provided doesn't mention or specify any sort of bracket necessary to add more HDs to it!

Judging from the picture on that first item that you linked, that looks to be to be able to mount a 2. SSD into a 3. The 2nd item seems to be for mounting a 3. Browse Community. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for.

Did you mean:. Brazeiro Not applicable. Adding 2 new HDs to Precision T Thanks a lot. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. You can see from the manual which part is needed. Thanks Osprey4! It does show how to exchange the HD which are in there already, but thats not the case! So, if someone could help, it's very appreciated!! Dev Mgr 7 Gold. Member since Dell Support Resources.

Sign up to ask a question now.Very happy with the purchase. Cannot seem to get the other four SATA ports on the motherboard working; there are no options in the BIOS for them, and no documentation anywhere on what they are for.

You would only know they exist of you look at Page 36 of the user manual or glean a look inside the case yourself. I mention the T as well because the SATA ports on that motherboard, according to the T manualseem to be exactly the same. Detailed tech specs on the T motherboard in general seem to be impossible to find, other than a very small image on p.

Printed on the motherboard, these other 4 ports are marked HDD0 to HDD3 yes, you can actually see these in the motherboard pics if you zoom. All the manual confirms is that one SATA interface is for an optical device, and the other "supports one 5. Problem is, when I purchased this system I was under the impression that all 6 ports would be available. I guess I shoulda read the literature more closely.

And now I can't use one of my DVD drives. The nearest I've been able to deduce is that these are for an onboard RAID controller, which is not being used in my configuration. Can anyone confirm this? There is no documentation whatsoever of any onboard RAID controller, or how to activate those other 4 ports.

Go to Solution. We asked our Dell sales person this very question and basically what it comes down to that they didn't enable the other ports because of the PERC card. That is something they are considering making available in later interations of the T, and I assume thebut not available now which is why you don't get anywhere when you plug into them.

View solution in original post. So I guess I would need one of these connectors? The initialization of the PERC H takes something like 25 seconds and the whole boot into Windows about 1 minute 15 seconds; are you experiencing long boot times as well? And yes, it does add a bit of time to the boot. If booting up is taking a long time, you might want to look into the boot sequence listed in your BIOS. In mine the "PCI RAID Controller" was last on the list of boot devices, so with external drives plugged in, sometimes my boot would hang for two minutes on a blank screen before finally going to windows; when I put the PCI RAID controller at the top of the list it booted relatively quickly.

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